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KEPT Spaces founder Chelsea, came to us with a challenge. Could we redesign her 8 page website within 24 hours?

Challenge accepted, here is what we did:

Kept Spaces Website

Visually we...

  • Unified button styles

  • Updated the font styles throughout

  • Made more elements full screen to give a more modern feel

  • Made clear section breaks 

  • Cleaned up the header and footer

  • Re-worked the site structure for easier user navigation

Behind the scenes we...

  • Polished the website completely for SEO improvements

  • Improved the Mobile website 

  • Updated all elements throughout the website to the most current version

Kept Spaces website SEO traffic
Chelsea Founder of Kept Spaces

Chelsea M.

Founder of KEPT Spaces

"Hiring Leigha to do a 24 hour revamp of my website was one of the best decisions I have made for my business!  Website design and SEO are two things I know little about, yet I know they both effect my self-owned business dramatically. I am an interior designer so I knew how I wanted things to visually look. Making that happen would have taken me days if not weeks to do on my own given my lack of skill set around website design and knowledge on SEO.


As a business owner I wear many hats and finding the time to tackle this important task was very hard for me. Leigha took the reins and provided initial ideas and feedback for me to review before she began. She has such positive energy and is so driven, creative and thorough with her work!  Within 24 hours I had a brand new site that was crisp, clean, easy to navigate and BEAUTIFUL! My SEO is up to snuff and I immediately started to get notifications that more visitors were on my site. I wish I knew there was a solution like Leigha for me years ago.  I certainly will be using her again to do ‘check-ups’ and updates on my site as my business continues to grow. Thank you Leigha!"


home screen

Kept spaces website before
Kept spaces website before


home screen

kept spaces website after
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